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Balloon Sales

We offer only the best in professional balloons, Qualatex. 

Yes, there really is a difference! 

                                                                   Latex balloon color chart                                                         

75 colors, patterns, and shapes -- in-stock, guaranteed! 

Need to match the colors in your dress or floral arrangement exactly?

Ask us how to double- or triple-stuff a balloon for an exact color-match!



                                                                        Qualatex Latex Balloons


Little Known Facts about Qualatex Balloons:

            They're made from 100% natural latex, not rubber, as you'll find in other brands.   

           Our latex balllons are bio-degradable, and will decompose as quickly as an oak 

           leaf in your backyard!

         Balloons that fly away, by accident or during a planned release, usually reach an

           altitude of 5 miles!  Currently, the states of PA, NY, and NJ have no legislation

           regarding planned balloon releases.  States that do have regulation, usually only

           prohibit the release of non-Qualatex balloons.

         Latex comes from rubber trees.  It is harvested by catching the latex that drips from

           the bark.  It doesn't hurt the tree!  Harvesting latex discourages de-forestation,

           becuase a tree needs to be intact and healthy, in order to produce latex. One tree

           will produce latex for up to 40 years!

         Balloons were invented in 1824, the same year as the electromagnet!

         One billion balloons are produced annually

          If the sound of a bursting balloon startles you, you're not alone.  A bursting      

           balloon actually creates a small sonic boom!  Once a hole is made in an inflated  

           balloon, the quick release of the balloon's air (or helium), causes the hole to grow

           at the speed of sound.

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