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Helium Rentals



2012 Helium Cost Disclosure:

We are experiencing extreme cost increases from the country’s helium suppliers. The primary factor driving the increase is disruption in the global helium supply chain that began over the last decade, but got considerably worse in 2011. Our suppliers have dramatically limited the availability of helium, and helium supplies are expected to remain tight into the foreseeable future, as production will likely remain below capacity and demand is still increasing.

We have expressed our dissatisfaction with our supplier, and fought hard to lock-in these rates (as published below) through early-2014. With exception to a minimal (less than $5) increase related to Haz-Mat (transportation of hazardous materials) charges on our incoming supply, we promise these rates will remain the same through early-2014. We are selling raw helium and our in-stock balloon inventory AT OUR COST.

We appreciate your understanding, and encourage you to continue to decorate your events and special occasions with balloons while they’re still available, as this very traditional American display will soon be an extinct past-time.

P.S. We know you’re wondering! ...Synthetic helium is nearly impossible, as it requires the same ingredients and procedure as that which would be required to make synthetic

Tank Size Will Fill _ 11" Balloons Cost
20 cubic ft. (18")
60 cubic ft. (27")
80 cubic ft (37")
125 cubic ft. (48")
200 cubic ft. (60")
300 cubic ft. (60")


  Tank Duration Rates:

                 (Cost is not affected by tank size)


Daily No Charge (up to 3 days)
Week      $5
*Monthly       $10
*Quarterly (3 mos.)  $25 (save $5!)
*Bi-Annually (6 mos.)     $50 (save $10!)
*Annually         $100 (save $20!)

(*Monthly billing available for corporate clients)


  Regulator Rentals:

                 (Single-tipped, Dual-tipped, and Latex/Mylar Combination regulators available)                     


 Daily $5 (up to 3 days)
Week $10
*Monthly $20
*Quarterly (3 mos.) $50 (save $10!) **
*Bi-Annually (6 mos.)  $100 (save $20!) **
*Annually  $175 (save $20!) **

(*Monthly billing available for corporate clients)

(**Please ask us about purchasing your own regulator  for these durations--it will be much more cost efficient for you!)


  Ask us about adding Hi-Float to your balloons,

                                                   ...they'll last up to 10 weeks! 




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